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    • At Chreos we are focused on taking the pain out of Stock Control
      Managing Stock Control is an issue facing managers every day. We automate many of the processes but still give you the control.

    • Chreos will keep track of every single one of them
      Whether your inventory has 150 different products or 150,000 Chreos will track them all

    • Know what is on your shelf right now
      You can know what is on the shelf, what is coming from the supplier, and how many you sold over Christmas or during winter last year.

    • Know how profitable each part of your business is
      Need to know which products or types of products sell to your B2B clients and how profitable that business is compared your over the counter retail? Ask Chreos.
      Want to group you stock by Category or size or make or purpose? Chreos can do it, and tell you how pofitable each group is.

    • Enter a product once, have it available everywhere
      With Chreos you enter a product once and it can flow to all your branches and to your web sites. At each site you can know what stock is available everywhere. As they are sold at one place stock levels automatically and immediately adjust there.

    • And you get the rest of Chreos Business Solutions as well
      Our Stock Control module is part of the internationally used Chreos Business Solutions. Designed in Christchurch for small / medium businesses. Built to grow with your business.

    • We have history and know what we are doing
      We have been doing this for 30 years. Contact us today for a free consult. If Chreos will work for your business we will tell you how. If it won't we will tell you why not. Absolutely no obligtation.


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