The Chreos handheld stocktake system is designed to run on Apples IOS platform, specifically the iPod Touch device.

The custom software has been developed and designed to make the stock take process as quick and simple as possible. The system runs over an existing Wi-Fi network, with no uploading or downloading of data required. This application is coupled with the iPDT380 laser scanner cradle to provide a fast, durable and accurate scanning device with the following features…

Incredibly easy use and configuration

The iPod touch provides a simple system that can have your device running on your WiFi network within minutes. Just select your network, enter your password and you are done. The system automatically detects any running Chreos companies and allows users to log in with their standard Chreos login.

Integration with Chreos

As products are scanned they are checked against Chreos data wirelessly. If they exist in Chreos product details are displayed and the item is immediately added to the stock take. If not the system beeps and alerts the user to the item being an issue.

Familiar to your users

Apple devices are very common and feature the same operating system. Many staff will already be familiar with the environment but even for new users the device is very simple to use.

Big, clear screen

The iPod touch screen is easy to see and use.


Weighing in around the same weight as the Apple iPhone, your staff can comfortably use the system for hours.


The scanner is rated for around 5000 scans on a single use. The iPod can be recharged while still in the iPDT380 case within hours and then is ready for use again.


The iPDT380 provides a shell around the iPod that protects the device. Unlike some plug in scanning devices, there is no weak point between the iPod Touch and the scanner.


The iPod Touch is one of the cheapest portable computing devices available today and including the iPDT380 may be around half the cost of an all-in one handheld scanner.

Chreos Remote stock take software in action

The custom scanning app is available for download from the Apple iTunes store, just search for Chreos. This software works with the Chreos remote application module to provide a fully integrated experience (license required).

logInScreen sml
selectStockTake sml
scanItems sml
editScans sml
Login using your Chreos username and password   Select from a list of available stock takes   Scan or manualy enter products   Review or edit yout scanned product

The hardware

The Mobilogics scanner cradle can be purchased from Chreos. We can also supply the full hardware package, iPod Touch, cradle and recharge cable.