Business Analysis

What is best for your business

Selection of a business system is one of the most important decisions a business executive will make.  The Chreos team can assist you to analyse your business and ensure the best approach is selected.  The right choice will allow management to:

a. Minimise data entry time
b. Improve the integrity of their business data
c. Give management access to current facts rather than have them work with obsolete information
d. Reduce staff time on administration
e. Provide a long term economic business solution

Having only one system to run your whole business system rather than a number of systems all handling parts of the administration and supported by a myriad of spread sheets is also problematic.  This dis-integrated environment means:

a. Higher risk of inconsistency between information
b. Lower system data integrity
c. Many unnecessary data batch transfers between systems
d. Higher user training cost
e. More specialist staff required

The Chreos business solution provides one system to perform all your business administration – from the store counter to management reporting.  The ability to create and drive a web store from your business database allows your business to extend its reach to remote customers.

Chreos staff can help you with this assessment and provide presentations of the software to assist your evaluation. 

Chreos want the system to be a good fit for you also.  If they think that it isn't then they will say so and give you direction on what alternatives may be more appropriate.

If changes are required to Chreos, they can analyse and present change specifications and time and cost estimates for making these changes.  Most changes are specified on a fixed price basis.