Improve Your Business Profitability
Improve Your Business Profitability

Use  Chreos business solutions to operate and manage your business and generate better profits.

One System for your Whole Business
One System for your Whole Business

Have all aspects of your business linked together and fully integrated.

Integrated Physical Shops, Wholesale & Internet
Integrated Physical Shops, Wholesale & Internet

Deal with you customers at different levels in the one business solution.


What is Chreos

Chreos is a state-of-the-art software for running you business, managing your finances, keeping your inventory under control, and having your staff add value rather than just track activity.  Chreos is likely to be the solution for your business.


point of sale

Whether you have one lane or many, one or multiple sites, or want you website to be integrated as another lane, Chreos's POS software is the business solution for you.



Chreos contains one of the most advanced inventory management systems available.  Whether you are warehousing, retailing, web selling, or a mixture of these Chreos can manage your stock in an integrated way that makes provision for growth.



Let us at Chreos build and manage your websites.  We can do everything from design to SEO.  We are particularly skilled at integrating your retail, wholesale or promotional site as part of your Chreos business solution.

Our main services

  • Integration

    Use only one exceptional system for your business

  • Experience

    Top people give the best business results

  • Strategies

    Taking the right approach gives better results