The Chreos Investment

Invest in the benefits your business needs.

The Chreos software licence for your organisation will depend upon the modules required, the number of users and the number of companies and sites utilising them.

Chreos is an integrated solution where functionality is available to all users by licence activation.  You then control what level of access individuals have.

Chreos users purchase the modules they require to deliver the functionality their business needs. Where individual flavour is required, this customisation can also be quickly delivered.

Chreos  is readily scalable.  It is designed for effective use by small businesses to very large multi-site multi-channel multi-company organisations. 

Chreos Software can be supplied on a one-time charge or annual charge basis.

 Chreos licences are issues per company, per module, per concurrent user.  You purchase the modules you want and then use Chreos security to determine which people have access to what functionality and reports.

Chreos pricing is available on application only. 

There are a range of factors that influence the cost

  • What modules are required?
  • How many concurrent users are there?
  • How Regions will you work in?
  • How many companies do you want Chreos for?
  • Do you want an "in perpetuity" license or one that only gives you access while your Annual subscription is current?
  • Do you want to lease or purchase a 25 year licence?
  • Purchasing? Do you want to pay 'up front' or over time

        (note that 'in perpetuity licenses are no available for leases or while licenses have not been fully paid for.)

  • Do you want to use our Remote backup service?
  • Some modules have 'Lite' versions giving you less functionality at a lower price.  Is this you?
  • Will you use PayFire gift cards and vouchers?
  • How many websites do you want to integrate with Chreos?
  • Do you want something more that our standard 'Support by email" service?



 Make the Chreos investment for your business - contact us now.