Top people give the best business results

The Chreos  Business Development and Support team is a small but effective team with a unique background of academic, and street smart skills.  They have now completed so many successful conversions of customers from their older systems onto Chreos that nothing surprises them.  This makes Chreos the most intuitive to use business software solution, and the requirement to only enter data once to update all aspects of the system makes it extremely powerful and easy to enhance.

Business Analysis – originally education based, our understanding of business has been honed by years of exposure in client businesses of a very wide range of type, size and nationality.

Development – our business analysts not only analyse business problems, but also perform the programming and implementation of the Chreos modules and enhancements they develop.

Implementation – our business team develops training plans for new clients, performs training, develops help documents as aids, create video tutorials, and converts the physical data from legacy systems.  All this ensure early productivity with Chreos. And Chreos is very intuitive and easy to use.