Taking the right approach gives better results

Chreos is sold as a complete system with every module and function included.  So when you use the Chreos software suite, you can simply turn on any module required using your companies security key.  This also ensures Chreos data changes and additions to any module are immediately available on all modules.

Integration means any data only needs to be entered once into the system, and is immediately available to all users of the Chreos integrated software suite.  Whether the entry is made over the internet, on a PDA, a cash register, on an automatic banking data file, or on a PC keyboard, data is stored once only and updates the whole system.

Integration means reduced data entry, reduced duplication of systems, ease and speed of use, and results in vast improvements in staff productivity, and significant improvements in management knowledge of their business.

Real time reporting driven by dates is also a key element of Chreos.  There is batch updating or end of month rollovers to contend with.  A vast suite of existing reports is available for all users, plus a flexible user report writer is also available.  For the very complex specific new requirement, a report can be specified and written in a day.

Chreos is a true all in one package available to be used by staff and their business clients on PCs, www browser users, PDAs, tablet users, and all types of cash register point of sale equipment.