Client Relationship Management

Know your current and potential clients.

Chreos has a strong focus on knowing those whom you expect to sell to in the future.  

Enter businesses and individuals who show interest in what you sell.  Track their interests and market to them accordingly.

If they are businesses also record all the people you deal with at the company.  Who makes the buying decisions, who influences her, and who pays the bills?

Every quote, job, order and invoice is associated with the client.  The association remains for many years.

Market by email, phone or snail-mail to them on the basis of their established buying patterns.

Running point of sales?  Don't miss out of the marketing options here either.  Every sale can be associated with the customer.

Use loyalty systems to identify who is buying and then reward them for doing so.  And market to their purchase patterns.

Email marketing can be sent  in bulk but customized to each individual profile.

Information about those that show interest and those that already buy from you is likely to be your company's greatest asset.