International Wholesalers

International Wholesalers


Early in 2013 this company started using Chreos, moving from a DOS based system that had served them well for many years but was no longer meeting all of their requirements. One of the issues was that they had not been able to do a stock take for several years so after converting the data over and before they started servicing customers they did a stock take using Chreos Remote Stock take on Apple iPod Touch handheld scanners.


The company sells into several countries and includes the management of one separately registered foreign country within its overall system.


An integrated website has also been developed by Chreos and it is planned to move their sales reps to using the Chreos Remote Rep. Orders on Apple IPhones and iPads when it is released.


A small retail outlet shop has also been established at the warehouse using Chreos with plans to integrate it with the wholesale operation.


The company has immediately achieved efficiencies in its operation and is now well equipped for grow as it works to extend its market.