Gas Deliveries

Chreos takes the orders, plans the routes and manages the financials.

This Rockgas franchise fills and delivers 45Kg LPG cylinders for domestic and commercial as a franchised operation. 

Prior to implementing Chreos at the beginning of 2008 orders were tracked manually, planning delivery routes for the next day dominated the manager's evenings and invoicing was a time-consuming drudge.

With the Chreos Deliveries module orders flow into pre-consigned delivery slots, delivery schedules are printed out in a few minutes along with delivery notifications for the clients, and truck loading data is also provided.  The next day, deliveries are simply confirmed and all the related invoices are produced. 

Rather than reducing the staffing needs, the manager got his evenings back and they were able to go through significant growth (from one delivery truck to three) without additional administrative overheads.

In 2013 they went further and started using the automatic cylinder rental invoicing system, streamlining their operation even further.

2013 also saw the introduction of a website for clients to place orders without needing to phone the office.  This is fully integrated with Chreos so that from a client placing an order to the invoice being emailed back to them after delivery there is no data entry by office staff.  Just a couple of confirmations that gas is to be delivered, and then later that it has been.

And the data all flows back to via Debtor management and Inventory to the general ledger for all their financial requirements.