Light Manufacturing

Chreos is there from the making to the management.

The owners started using Chreos in 1991 for a food processing company.  They eventually sold that and in 2000 bought this company, organising for Chreos to be ready to replace the software on site on the morning they took over.


As a light manufacturer of bespoke engineered products they find the Jobs module in Chreos fits their requirements perfectly.  Everything is all done in the same system and a job can seamlessly be entered and then converted into an invoice.  They are able to track everything from ordering components right through building and invoicing to the Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.


They only need one person in the office and the managers can always quickly see what is happening with particular jobs and the state of the company finances.




I first started using Chreos when it was in its infancy but even then it was all our business needed.  Over the years as my company grew, and then when I bought a new one, the team at Chreos seemed to always be one jump ahead, having available what we needed before I realised I needed it.  When I am next in a position to decide what software to use I will turn first to Chreos.


Graeme (Former owner)