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Wild Software Ltd,  the company behind Chreos, is an IT company that uses what it develops.  As such they have been dependent on Chreos since 1991 for all their administrative and managerial tasks.

They use debtors, creditors and inventory management for day to day operations, and the GL for all their financial reporting to the board and for tax compliance.  The Recurring invoice functionality is used extensively for repeating monthly and three monthly charges.

Several years ago they started trading internationally and now have bank accounts in other countries and use the foreign currency options in Chreos to manage all of it.

They also use the Inventory serial number tracking for hardware sales and are started using the Quotations module soon after it's release in 2013.



It has been critical for Chreos that we use what we build.  And as our managagement and administrative needs are typical of many businesses, using us as an early acceptor of new functionality provides an additional level of testing.

Steven Wild

(Managing Director)