Job Management

Build products or track time and materials in services.  What ever you are doing Chreos Job Management allows you to fully specify the product or task, and then keep track of everything that is added to it.

You can also track all client interaction about the Job and know what has been quoted.

Job Management does not include tracking work in progress in the GL or tracking what stage of production it is at.  This is designed for building products and simple time and materials type production.

Key points(Click to expand)

Build new product for your inventory

Chreos will let you build a product out of a mix of existing products that may also include non-diminishing items such as Labour, machine time, travel and margin.

Existing inventory is reduced by what you add in and increased by what you get out.

Build one-offs to your client's specifications

Whether you build tents, computers or play equipment to your client's specification, use Jobs to build bespoke items for your client orders.

Turn the job straight into an Invoice and maintain full traceability.

Track time and materials through a service job

The same can be done for managing service jobs.  The end result may be just a service performed such as fixing a drain or training to use some software.  CHREOS allows you to pull together the time spent by various staff plus any materials and craft them in to a finished job that is invoiced out. 

There is no limit to how long the job can be open with time and materials being added to it.

Serial numbers are covered

Accepts products that are serial number tracked and produces new products that can also have serial numbers.

Features(Click to expand)

Accepts any sort of product in your inventory

Actually it will not accept 'Hire' items but everything else can be added.

May increase the value of your Stock on hand

If the product build includes non-diminishing items (which by definition do not feature in your stock on hand) then the result will be an increase in your stock on hand value.

This is because you are adding value to existing products.

Progress payments

For bespoke work progress payments can be invoiced out fort he job keeping them fully traceable tot he job.

Affect on the GL

The General Ledger records the final construction of the products(s) and deals with all the financials whether the item is added to stock or immediately invoiced out.

Inventory record

As items are added to the job inventory records and displays that they have been removed for stock on hand and added to the job.  This is always visible.


Transactions(Click to expand)

Create and manage jobs

Enter jobs, assign them to staff, add products as the work progresses.

Enter progress charging

Produce progress invoices either at the beginning of a job or as work progresses.

Invoice out bespoke work

When finished, turn the whole job into an invoice.

Manufacture for stock

Produce product for stock.

Integration(Click to expand)


The Jobs module assembles new products out of existing products and non-diminishing item, all of which must be found in the inventory module.


All work that is for specific clients has those clients selected from Debtors.

General Ledger

All the financials associated with production flow through to the GL.