Holiday Support Arrangements

Submitted by on Fri, 22.12.2017 - 01:13

Holiday Support Arrangements

The Chreos office, including the support desk, is closed from 12 noon on Friday 22 December 2017 and reopens at 9am on 8 January 2018.  All support requests received via this website during this time will be addressed during the week of 8 January 2017.

Any urgent requests received via the support website during this time will be looked on 29 December, and 5 January.

The Support website is  which is best accessed from 'Help' in ChreosClient.

Urgent requests are chargeable at double your standard rate in 30 minute blocks. Please make sure you are authorized to incur this cost.

Those who have used urgent support in the recent past have been forewarned of these changes.


It's Christmas time

Submitted by on Tue, 19.12.2017 - 03:45

Merry Christmas from Us at Chreos

We are off on a well-earned break from midday Friday the 22nd December until the 8th January. We look forward to catching up with you all in 2018.

However, while we are sunning ourselves at the beach or playing endless computer games, we will very occasionally tune to Chreos Support for that diabolically urgent call for help where there is no other course of action available.

Please note: We have many ears here but only ONE is tuned to this task so be careful what you do! Avoid installing new Chreos updates, fiddling with your website, or changing your computer operating system, anti-virus, printers, network or firewall.

In other words, go and have a break also. It is certainly our wish for you that this Christmas gives you time to relax with family and friends. As well as time to start anticipating what we might be able to do together in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year from us at Chreos.

Rochelle, Sam, Miriam, Rob, Izabel, Steven, & Audrey

Unexpected Benefits

Submitted by on Tue, 19.09.2017 - 04:08

This morning we received the following unsolicited feedback from a client who has recently started using an Android App that we built specifically for them for picking products for orders in their very large wholesale warehouse.

On Friday, the person using the app was the oldest staff member who is completely computer illiterate.

He likes the app and he finds it helps his concentration and speed.  His eye sight is also not the best but he gave it a thumbs up.

The aim of the App was to achieve faster picking times by having it navigate pickers around the shelves, and allowing instant checking of what was being picked by confirmation scans of product and stock bin.  Having warehouse staff who are struggling with working their way through computer processes that they control, finding it easy to walk the floor, being led by the App on the device in their hand is a significant bonus.

It probably fits in to the same situation where lots of people find it much easier to do a job that can be complex by just being told what to do.  If you leave too much to their own initiate they struggle to navigate through the options but give them support that helps them do the job quickly and accurately, with reduced stress levels and they remain valued members of the team.

It also means you can have new staff working productively really quickly.  And the staff sill get the work satisfaction from completing tasks correctly and contributing to the overall output of the team.

For 30 years I have been analysing work flows and designing systems to enable businesses to increase their efficiency, especially in times of growth.  Our business management software, Chreos,  focuses on the processes related to the productive side of businesses - the stock & client management, orders, invoices, counter sales, and a multitude of other things, while keeping the P&L and Balance Sheet up to date.  We enable people to do their work more efficiently and accurately.