The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for the movement of data between Chreos and other applications and services.

Exchange data with

  • Websites
  • iPods for stock take
  • Chreos ordering apps.
  • Third party applications

In fact anything that you want to.  It can be customised to your needs and set to process as often as you need.

Key points(Click to expand)

Customise to what you need

Each application and website you want to connect to will have distinctive communication requirements.  Chreos allows them to set the conditions and the it connects to them.

The data you want to send or receive will be unique to your requirements.  Customise the flow so that you only get what you need, and only send what you are happy about.

Control the frequency

Whether you need to connect every minute or once a week, you have the control.

Know the flow

Extensive logs keep track of what has been interchanged.

Features(Click to expand)

Chreos uses SQL scripts you focus the communications

Chreos is build on a robust SQL database and most of the communications are with similar data storage devices.  SQL is the current medium for communication with databases and that is what we use.

Something else

External apps

Schedule and run external applications that add to the processing of the data.

Something else

Business to business

Use the EDI to control youu electronic data communications with other businesses.