The Chreos multi-branch transfer system allows you to integrate data from multiple sites.

 Data is shared as and when you want it.

The sites can be next door to each other or spread from one end of the country to another.

So far the system has operated

  1. The length of New Zealand
  2. Around Australia
  3. Across the mountains of Papua New Guinea

 Have a single entry point for a static data and bring all transactions back to a central location.

Always know the stock levels everywhere.

Benefits(Click to expand)

Centralised stock entry

Enter an item once and make it available everywhere.  Then maintain centrally as well.

Clients can buy from multiple sites

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or mixture of both, a client can buy from any location.  If they have a charge account then they get a single statement at the end of the month.

Chreos tracks all the activity and it can be combined, along with web sales in to one comprehensive loyalty program.

Multiple cost centres

The Chreos GL allows each site to to configured as a separate cost centre and and produce their own P&L report.  The see a consolidation of the whole organization.

Stock redistribution

Manage stock levels at each site by being aware of what is being sold and what is dead stock.  Move stock to where it is selling.

Features(Click to expand)

Control min & max stock levels

Set expected stock levels based on known and observed parameters and then directly manage each branch's stock.

Client ownership

Each branch can enter new clients and then you control who has the authority to edit the details.

Transfer frequency

Move data around every few minutes or every few days.  You have the control.

Direct or indirect transfer service

There are two transfer options available

1. All sites communicates with a hosted cloud service that data passes through. 

2. The branches communicate directly with the HQ system and initiate data flows.

Use the system that suits your operation and location best.


Transactions(Click to expand)

Stock replenishment

Determine what is to go to a branch, produce the picking slips, then send shipment docs with the goods while a digital record also arrives at the branch ready for them to receipt in without further data entry.

Order fulfilment

Know that each branch has orders for but can not fill.  Prioritise getting the stock to those sites.

Integration(Click to expand)


Branches allows multiple trading sites, each with their own inventory, to also have a central record of all inventory in the organisation.


Client records are also centralised with each branch also knowing the indebtedness of each even if their purchases were spread over several sites.