Being able to provide accurate and competitive quotes to current and prospective clients is essential to generating sales that are worth having.

The Quotes module in Chreos contains an extensive set of tools that take you through the process of recording prices and deals from your suppliers, and then generating the quote.

Produce the quote.  Followup with the decision maker.  Produce a revised document when the conditions change.  Win or loose, record what you know about the oposition so you are better placed next time.

Use as much or as little of it as you need.

Key points(Click to expand)

Know what the client wants

Keep track of all the discussions with the client.  Record all that they tell you.  Compare it to previous quotes done for them or for others.  See why you lost last time.

Track what you suppliers offer

If you go to your suppliers for special pricing, keep track of what each one offers and the conditions around it.  Select which one you use for your quote.

Play around with pricing and margins

Experiment with cost+ or RRP- pricing.  Try different margins for each element of the quote.  Always know what the margin is that you are getting.  Structure the deal so that it will be most attractive to the clietn and to you.

Produce as many revisions as needed

The client changes the requirements?  build on what you have and produce a new version but do not lose the previous ones.  Same thing if you hear that you might have to sharpen your price or offer some othe renticement.  Keep track of it all.

Know what the opposition is quoting?

Win or lose, if you can find out what you are or have quoted against record the details against the quote.  There is nothing better that clearly knowing what you are up against next time.

Features(Click to expand)

Record quotes against clients

Everything ends up as part of the developing record about yoru clients.  Identify the various decision makers in the process and get the right information to the right people.

Always quoting on inventory or service

Everything you quote on is recorded sometwhere in Chreos.  If this this just adds to your knowledge of the products or services that you offer.

Find out what margins you can get from your suppliers

Sometimes it isn't until you go to a supplier with the potential of a particularly large order that you find out how sharp their pencil can be.

Lots of outcomes with success

You win the quote.  So depending on what it is you can send it to Client order or debtor invoice, generate a job for it or place orders with you preferred supplier.


Transactions(Click to expand)

Create a quote

Enter it, Get quotes from suppliers, determine your pricing, and produce teh quote document.

Track interaction

Record everything of value so that you know where you stand, and what will be important for next time.

Produce outcomes on success

Start the process of supply once you win.

Integration(Click to expand)


Quotes is all about providing pricing for clients and as such it uses the Inventory module in the same way as Debtors does.


The quotes are always for people or businesses in the Debtors module.  And the key participants can be recorded in the contacts section of debtors.


Get special pricing from thos who can supply what you need.  The order from them when you win.

Job management

SIf you are going to build what you quote than there is a direct connection between the Quote module and setting the Job up in Job Management.