Importing Wholesaler

Importing Wholesaler

This wholesales both imported and locally produced products. They started using Chreos in 1994 when they were just a one person operation. The company grew and by 1998 had outgrown the DOS based version that was mainly in use then and moved to something else. With the release of the full rewrite of Chreos as a Windows version in 2000 they immediately moved back to Chreos. Soon afterwards prompt payment functionality was added to Chreos for them.


A year later they acquired a similar business in another city and moved it to Chreos as a second branch. They eventually connected the two sites as a single operation using Windows terminal Services. This was the first multi-branch operation set up as a live connection in this way.


From then right up until 2007 when the business was sold to a multi-national based in the USA they continued to manage all aspects of their business using Chreos.


Several months after the sale the former owner bought another wholesale business and immediately switched it to using Chreos.

Now, in addition to using Chreos for everything from first order to balance sheet, they are managing their imports with multiple foreign currencies, their clothing with the apparel module, and in mid 2013 did their first stock take using Chreos Remote Stock take on Apple iPod Touch hand-held scanners.


In early 2014 Chreos started working on a several websites for them.