From a single shop to a multi-facited national operation.

Manna starting using Chreos as a single shop in 1991 and has since grown to have 14 retail outlets, a national wholesale operation, and wholesale & retail websites all powered by Chreos.


Chreos was originally selected for the retail shop after an extensive search for software appropriate for managing the various nuances of Christian book retailing. As the company grew Chreos was also expanded to meet the changing demands.  In 2004 a large wholesale company was purchased and added to the mix.


A special Wholesale Ordering App for distribution to their clients was developed in 2006.  Many of their clients did not have persistent internet access and this gave them a web-like interface for ordering ‘on-line’ where the order would be sent when internet access was available.


In 2010 they moved to connecting their entire operation via the Chreos Multi-Branch transfer system allowing sales and stocking data to flow between branches and Head Office within minutes of changes occurring.


In early 2012 they became the first user of the PayFire gift voucher and card system.  Since then they have also started using it as a reward for their loyalty system.  Their gift vouchers can now be bought and redeemed across any of their retail outlets including at their retail web store.


In 2012 their major retail website went live which was developed by Chreos staff and fully interfaced with the rest of the operation.  In 2013 they employed their own web developers onto their staff and moved the on-going work on their website in-house.  However it is still fully integrated with Chreos.