Point of Sale


Chreos Point of Sale is easy to learn, simple to use, yet full of the power and intuitative design that you would expect from any Chreos module.

Expand from a single lane, to as many as your store needs.  Connect in with the multi-branch functionality to integrate with many sites.

Associate sales with clients, track buying patterns and run you own loyalty programme.

Whatever your requirements Chreos Point of Sale is the tool for making sales face to face with your customers.

Key points(Click to expand)

Easy to learn and use

It all happens on one screen and staff can constantly see what has been entered.  Scan in the products, identify the client if needed, enter the payment(s), know what change to give, and hand over the goods and receipt.

In addition, on-line training videos are available for staff to use to refresh basic functionality

Multiple lanes

Any number of lanes can be managed concurrently.  Each can have its own cash drawer and receipt printer, or they can be shared between multiple lanes.

The lanes can all be in one part of the shop or spread around like departmental sales bays.

Allow the client to continue shopping

Scan in the products the client presents with and then 'park' the sale while the client continues browsing.  While they are away other sales can process through the lane.  When they return the client can present at any of the lanes to add to their sale and then complete it.  The entered details automatically transfer to the new lane.

The sale can be parked for just a few minutes, or for a prolonged period, including several days if that suits your business procedures.

Identify each sale by staff member

An internal pin-number system can be used that requires staff members to identify themselves before commencing a sale.  The details are then permanently tied to that staff member. 

This can be used from tracking down issues or for running incentive programs for staff.

In addition each sale is flagged with the actual date and time of the transaction, and what store and machine it was processed on.

Finding a product

Chreos will accept scanned barcode input as well as manual entry of one of several different product codes. 

In addition, there is extensive stock searching functionality to allow items presented at the counter to be identified if something has gone wrong with the labelling.  Search by Name, manufacturer, make, etc. until the identity is determined.

Track client sales patterns

With every sale there is the option of identifying the client.  This can be anything from a name, address or phone number search to scanning a loyalty card.

Once identified the details of the sale are permanently associated with that client so that the marketing tools in Chreos can then be used to contact the client about products and promotions that they are likely to have an interest in.

Customise receipt printouts

Have anything from a simple financial receipt to a document promoting other products for return visits.  Customise the paper work to best present your branding and welcome the client back again.

Loyalty programs

Track client buying habits and provide rewards for their loyalty.

Gift vouchers and cards

Chreos has 3 options for managing gift vouchers and cards.

- Use our own PayFire system.  Manage vouchers and cards centrally.  Sell and redeem at any of yoru outlets including on your website(s).  Can include use once, use down, initial load and reload vouchers and cards.  Get reports on current liability and recent activity.

- Use a simple numbered voucher system internal to Chreos within a single store.  With every sale there is the option of identifying the client.  This can be anything from a name, address or phone number search to scanning a loyalty card.

- Accept other company's vouchers and end send them back to the issuing business for redemption.

Comprehensive reporting

Know everything - who has sold what, what are people buying over the counter, what sells better at different times of day, how much money should be on hand, how did yesterday compare to last week or last year and several years ago?  The possibilities are endless. 

Features(Click to expand)

Multiple payment options

Chreos allows you to accept multiple forms of payments and multiple payments in the one transaction.  Accept several cheques and some cash, or give 'money out' on an EFTPOS or debit card payment.

Create and pay for laybys

A layby is where a product is put aside for the client who makes an initial payment and then pays the balance off over some agreed time period.  Chreos manages all of this including holding the funds in trust until the sale is completed and flagging the product as committed on Layby.

Account sales and payments

Any sale, once started can be turned into a Debtor invoice if the client already has an appropriate account without repetition of the data entry.  Any sale can also include the payment of all or part of an account without having to know the account status of the client.

Manage hire items

Products that are flagged in Inventory as Hire items can be supplied on hire as part of a POS sale.  There is a separate screen from receiving them back in and managing overdue items.

Something else

Updates sales and product balances instantly

The moment a sale goes through the balances of the stock involved are immediately updated.  This includes both the stock on hand figures and data about sales activity and performance.

Track serial numbers

Serial number tracking is a standard feature of Chreos and Point of Sales is totally integrated to handle this tracking.  Sell a tracked item by selecting which of the pre-entered serial numbers is being supplied.

Automatically calculate discounts and special pricing

Use the various pricing and discounting options in inventory to set up pricing for all clients or specific one.  Select the stock and see the pricing adjust to what it should be.  Or if you need to manually adjust a price for a special deal then do so as part of the sale.

Financial data posted to GL

All financial data periodically gets posted to the General Ledger.  You can drill-down from a sale to the GL entry or from the GL entry to the sale.

Ordering and Holds

Client Orders previously entered and be moved straight to POS or via a stock Holding system when they come available.  Have the client details immediately available to gem them know their products have arrived, and the details and products right on hand when the customer arrives for collection.

Integrated EFTPOS / Credit card processing

Chreos is currently approved by a number of Credit card companies in Australia and New Zealand to communicate directly with their card processing systems.  Avoid data errors that can be costly by having the data flow directly from Chreos card company without user intervention.


Transactions(Click to expand)

Sell stuff

Everything to the simple customer driven sale to the complex multi-item, multi-payment sale with all sorts of special pricing.  CHREOS handles it all.

Accept returns and exchanges

Track sales by customer and know when they bought a item when they want to return or replace it.  Process the credit and the new sale together.

Process laybys

Place items on layby, track the financial activity around them and complete the sale when the make the final payment.

Hire out goods

Issue goods on hire, enter a return by date, process the goods back into stock, and charge penalties for late return.

Receive debtor account payments

If a person at the counter wants to pay money off they charge account, accept it through POS.  It does not matter if the are paying the correct amount or not, that can be sorted later.  Accept the payment while the person is in front of your staff.

Accept deposits on ordered goods

When products placed on order you have the option of taking a deposit or down payment which can be up to the full amount of the ordered item.  This payment gets processed through POS and recorded in the same trust system as is used by laybys.

Integration(Click to expand)


Point of Sales integrates extensively with the inventory module.  Everything that is sold, hired, etc. is immediately reflected in Inventory.


While it is not an imposed requirement, all POS activity can be associated with Clients set up in the Debtors system.  Their sales activity is then added to the that from Debtors and they get all the custom pricing and discounting set up there for them as well.

General Ledger

All financial data entered of generated in Point of Sales flows through to the GL and appears in the P&L statement and Balance sheet.

Something else

PayFire gift voucher system

PayFire Vouchers and gift cards can be issued and sold via Debtor invoicing and later redeemed via Debtor receipting.