What is Chreos?

Chreos is a state-of-the-art tool for running your business, managing your finances, keeping your inventory under control, and having your staff add value rather than just track activity.  Is Chreos the solution for your business?

Chreos is modular software where data flows seamlessly between modules.  A new stock item entered into the Inventory flows through to a Website, and then as a sale from web it flows to dispatch and then to financial reporting.

Chreos is designed to work with a small shop, and with a multi-site retail and warehousing operation.  And with all the stages in between as the business grows.

Chreos is designed for local businesses, and for those involved in buying and selling across international boarders and in multiple currencies.

Chreos is written for the current Microsoft windows platforms and using the reputable Firebird (SQL) open source database and Crystal report writer.

Chreos is a business solution that incorporates
- General accounting,
- Financial management,
- Inventory management,
- Retail Point of Sale,
- Wholesaling,
- Warehousing,
- Client management,
- eCommerce and
- Other forms of web presence.

Chreos is for you?  Let us help you determine is Chreos is the right fit for your business. Contact us now.

Major modules(Click to expand)


Dealing with the people you sell to.

Relationships are very important and by their nature each one is unique therefore, man aging your clients effectively is good business. Chreos offers many features in the Clients module that enables you to efficiently keep track of your client data.


Manage how you spend your money.

The Creditors module in Chreos makes creditor control simple. All contact details are in one central location along with current and historic data, reference material and much much, more.


Managing what you buy & sell.

The Chreos inventory module offers the flexibility, reliability and accuracy that is necessary to maintain the huge range of information that is available to assist in controlling your inventory data.

General Ledger

Manage your money and performance.

Have your financials at your fingertips.  Get graphical displays, up to the minute cashflow projections, detailed expense reports, forecasts and more – as and when you want them.

Point of Sales

Selling face to face.

Working from the one main screen, Always have answers for your clients at your finger tips.

Job Management

All you need for light manufacturing.

Build products or track time and materials in services.  What ever you are doing Chreos Job Management allows you to fully specify the product or task, and then keep track of everything that is added to it.


In the garment industry and tracking style, colour and size?

Everything is grouped by Style.  Each style has a range of colours and sizes.  Define the style and automatically produce all the items.  Select an style to buy or sell and just fill in the grid that dynamically appears. or select individual elements within the style - it is all compatible.


Electronic Data Interchange

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for the movement of data between Chreos and other applications and services.

System wide features(Click to expand)

Chreos Server

At the centre of all Chreos installations is Chreos Server, a single application that manages all the transactions are initiated from the instances of Chreos Client running on individual's desk tops.

Included in its activities are

- Manage one or many companies

- Process all transactions

- Print all transaction reports and send email copies

- Maintain data quality

- Process all data backups

- Log all activity including access, transactions, and unusual events.

Consumption tax  (GST, VAT, TVA, etc) - all covered

Whether you have GST, VAT, TVA, Sales tax or some other form of consumption tax Chreos allows you to set up the tax and then code transactions appropriately.  You can report on them for either an Invoice based or Payments based system.  The invoice based system works in conjunction with the General Ledger module.

Accounting period

Accounting in Chreos is period based.  you are always working in either the current period or a future one.  Once a period is closed you can not go back and ad further transactions or journals to it.  (For the sole exception to this see details about 'Special end of year processing' in the 'General Ledger' module page.)

To make managing your business easier still, Chreos actually manages 3 separate accounting period - one each for Debtors, Creditors and the General Ledger.  This allows you to role your Debtor month as soon as you have produced end of month statements, but hold the Creditor accounting period back while late invoices arrive.

The General Ledger accounting period is not permitted to get ahead of either the Debtor or Creditor periods as both of them post data into the GL.

Park and retrieve transactions

Throughout Chreos many transactions that are in the process of being entered can be Parked and later retrieved.  This means that an invoice and payment entry can be spread over a extended time period, even several days.  Start a large invoice today; finish it off on another machine tomorrow or the day after.

This is really useful when you need to put together a supplier order over the course of several days, entering a large batch of receipts and want to have lunch, or entering a POS sale and the customer decided to continue looking around your store.

User-definable fields

7 special fields on the front page and an unlimited number on an extra tab.  can include Look-ups, tick boxes, dates, numbers, text web links, documents and images.

Use these fields to extensively customise Chreos Creditors to meet your unique needs.

Places that have them

Debtors, Creditors, General ledger, inventory, Job Management, Quotes, Apparel, Categories - and web stuff.


Chreos uses Crystal reports to produces reports that can be printed, previewed and emailed as pdf files.

Each user can designate the printer they want specific reports, initiated by them, to print out on.

There is a large range of standard reports available.  In addition we offer an extensive Report Customisation Service.


Chreos comes with an impressive array of options for controlling who has access to what.  This includes

- initial login that then tracks all activity against that person,

- menu customisation so that each user only has access to what they are allowed,

- some screens have sections that can be blanked, and buttons that can be disabled,

- reports can be restricted to designated people on a report by report basis.

Web stuff

Web enabling functionality is spread throughout Chreos.  This includes the ability to record long long product descriptions, resize and store images, and have web-only specials.


What next (Click to expand)

Contact us

Whether you have already heard enough about Chreos to know it is for you or you need more information, contact us.

We are always happy to answer questions, organise demos (on site or remotely as appropriate), and even get a sample working on your machine if that would be useful.

Let us help you

Not sure if Chreos is a good fit for you?  We are experienced at helping people work through the issues. 

We acknowledge that there are some businesses that we don't fit well with.  We are dependent on the positive referrals we get from our clients so it is important to us that Chreos is right for that that use it.

Contact us for our input.

Buying options(Click to expand)


Chreos is licensed as a core system and then selected modules, users, regions, etc.

However we also have packages for

- single store, retail operations

- multi-site retail operations

- small warehouses

- large warehouses

- mixed wholesale / warehouse / retail multi-location

plus a range of other business-specific options.

Mix and match

Build you one combination of components to suit your needs.

As your business grows or changes add modules and users to facilitate the growth.

Addons and extras

Need something special?  Talk to us about customised functionality or reports.  This can be considered at any time.