Our History

Chreos business software has been developed and supported since 1990 by the team at Wild Software Ltd based from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Chreos today has hundreds of users in 9 countries worldwide enjoying its wide range of business functionality.  Managers enjoy the benefits of being able to focus on their business rather than the raft of complex systems used to run them.

The Chreos organisation has been delivering and enhancing the Chreos Software Suite to businesses who have grown and become more diverse and profitable over the years.  One client who was there almost at the beginning as a small single store today has a network of 14 stores with 27 POS lanes, a wholesale orperation and a retail website all still successfully driven by Chreos.

Originally a DOS product, it has since been completely rewritten for Microsoft Windows and updated for each new Windows release.  Today Chreos interacts with web sites and Apple products, is used in small stand-alone shops, and works between warehouses separated by thousands of kilometres.


Chreos first ventured outside New Zealand in Feb 2007 and since then has grown to be in use in 9 countries – all directly supported from Christchurch via the latest remote access to computers and voice systems.


Key days in Chreos history

1987 Jul          Wild Software starts trading

1990 Jun         The very first version of Chreos licenced

1996 Nov        Design work starts on Chreos for Windows

1997 Apr         First modules of Chreos for Windows released and in use

2000 May        Major launch of the new modular Chreos for Windows

2002 Sept       First release with some eCommerce functionality

2004 Nov        Extensive rewrite to move Chreos the Firebird SQL database


2005 Nov        First interface with a remote PDA device

2006 Nov        First live interface retail website

2007 Feb        Chreos is used outside of new Zealand for the first time

2008 Mar        First multi-site installation

2010 Jan        The release of the first trading website written inhouse and fulling interfacing with Chreos

2012 Feb        First PayFire gift voucher issued

2012 Nov        Our first Apple app. in use – Stock taking on an iPod Touch.

2014 Feb        A complete rebuild of the Chreos website is released.