Multi-tiered Chreos support is available.

- Email queries
- Process based documentation
- Phone support 24/7
- Dial in support
- On & offsite training
- Offsite recovery backup

As with any software system, users tend to want access to different kinds of support at different times. Chreos has a range of ways of getting support that are designed to deliver the help you need when you need it..

Maintenance and Support Subscription

This subscription comes with your initial purchase of Chreos and can be renewed annually. It is the cornerstone of the Chreos support system. Below are some of its features. For more details on getting access to the free support included with it see Support by Email.

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Support by email

What is covered

Support by Email relates to email support that is initiated from within Chreos and related to the normal use of Chreos. It is designed for situations that are not urgent. Normally you will get a personalised response within two business days - Monday to Friday excluding Canterbury public holidays and summer break.

Support by email' is designed to address the following sorts of issues:

  • How to' and 'where is' questions that do not substitute formal training sessions.
  • Each email addresses a single issue that can be answered within 15 minutes.
  • Questions about whether a function is working correctly or is available.
  • Suggestions for new features or improvements.
  • resolution of minor issues that are user caused but can be resolved in a very short amount of time.
  • The reporting of suspected problems with Chreos.

This service is free to licensed Chreos users with a current subscription.  When a request placed through 'Support by Email' falls outside of the above range you may be advised of the possible cost before proceeding.

Responses will usually be via email and either contain a one or two paragraph explanation, or be direction to the appropriate report, help document, or website page.


What is not covered

This service is not available for support outside of Chreos. For example it does not cover the following:

  • Computer hardware and peripherals support including help with purchasing decisions, installation, configuration, maintenance, or operational issues. This non-exclusively includes computers, printers, scanners, monitors, routers, switches, operating systems, networks, EFTPOS terminal, and handheld devices;
  • Any other software, including that which Chreos interacts with such as email, web browsers, MS Office, EFTPOS terminal software, or the like;
  • Installation, configuration or setup of Chreos or any of its components;
  • Urgent support;
  • Training.

This service is specified in Section 10.3 (d) of the "Chreos Accounting Software Licence And Maintenance Agreement – Terms And Conditions".

Ongoing upgrades and enhancements

Chreos continues to develop, adding new features demanded by modern businesses.  Updates are usually provided by way of a Chreos Service Pack that automatically updates the software on a users system.  Subscribed users get notified when any new update is available.  Updates provide a crucial method of supporting clients.  Service Packs are provided at no charge to subscribed users.  They are not available to those who are no longer subscribed.

New Reports

Chreos comes with several hundred standard reports.  New ones are added to work with new features and existing ones are upgraded to take account of changes delivered in Service Packs.  These are all available to subscribed users at no additional cost.  Go to the Reports page for details on how to access the full range of reports available.  Their availability is tied to the version of Chreos you are using.


The Chreos Manual is a series of PDF files that can be searched, viewed, downloaded, and printed from this website.  They can also be accessed directly from within Chreos.  This website also contains FAQs, Technical papers and a range of other sources of useful information.


Subscribed users receive priority and discounted prices on all chargeable Chreos related work.

Other Services(Click to expand)


Several of the Chreos staff are experienced tertiary educators.  Training is available 

  • on site
  • by remote (phone or skype, and shared desktop)
  • by videos.

Training can be customised to individual needs.

Implmentation and setup

We offer an extensive range of services to help you get started with Chreos.

Report customisation

While there are 100s of standard reports they can only tell you so much.  Because Chreos contains so many customisable fields, and the re is also the ability to add an unlimited number of extra fields for data collection to several of the modules it is impossible for  the generic reports to turn all your raw data into meaningful information.

Using Crystal reports, we are experts at creating reports to allow you to quickly interpret and present your data in the ways that your organisation needs.

Support website

There is a Support website restricted to licenced Chreos users with current Maintenance subscriptions.  This contains a wealth of information in the form of Information sheets, Task sheets, Technical docs, FAQs, recent issues and their resolution, and assorted usefull downloads.

Problem resolution

While we hope that everything will go smoothly, it rarely does.  invoices get the wrong dates or made out tot he wrong people, the wrong products are selects, someone mucks up the stock take, etc.  Our role is will help you learn how to correct these and many more issues.  And when the problem is too complex they can also help repair the data.

Data analysis

When you need to know something from your data that is quite untypical and does not warrant a customised report we can help you with this analysis.

Whether it is to track through the activities of a particular staff member, to check on a bias being shown to certain suppliers, etc., we have the expertise to help.